"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his  future in life."   ~ Plato




Kindergarten Curriculum eBook Set

Our Christian kindergarten curriculum will not only prepare your children for first grade, but will also lay a strong physical, intellectual, and spiritual foundation that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. The best part is that our lessons require zero preparation and zero teaching experience. Give your children an elite foundation and be amazed by the ripple effects. (Level 2 should be taught after Level 1 is complete, because Level 1 is the foundation for Level 2.)

This is the complete Kindergarten Book Set: 23 individual digital books and an additional "how to" teaching manual. The entire Phonics set (Phonics 1 and Early Readers) features interactive audio so that children can teach themselves to read! Blue Manor Academy takes Christian early education to the next level! Level Two is uniquely designed for parents like you who want to give your young ones a tremendous head start.

Books included:


Home Education: Become an elite teacher. This book will not only show you how to effectively use our Christian Preschool Curriculum, but will also explain the elements of an elite education and give you practical "Teaching Points" that will put you well on your way to becoming an exceptional teacher for your children.  

(Parents / 79 pages)


Certificate of Achievement: Completing Level 1 is a big deal, and awarding a Certificate of Achievement to your children will give them a sense of pride over their accomplishment. It also serves as a great motivator!   

(Ages 2-7 / 1 page)


Frog's Trip: It was like any other day at the pond, until a big red balloon came floating by. Where will the balloon take Frog, and will he ever get back to his pond? ReadFrog's Trip to find out.  

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


Frog's Swim: Frog is bored of swimming in his pond. He wants adventure in the deep blue sea. But when Frog gets his wish, something happens to make him wish he had just stayed home. What changes Frog's mind about swimming in the ocean? Read Frog's Swimto find out. 

(Ages 4+ / 29 pages)


Hopping Mess: Ken needs to look before he hops. He is always crashing into things. What big mess does Ken make? Read Hopping Mess to find out!  

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


Pretty Bug: Everyone is after Butterfly. Some want to eat her for dinner and others want to chase her away so that they can eat her dinner. Just when she is about to lose hope, guess who shows up to show her help her? Read Pretty Bug to find out!

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


Phonics 2:  This book picks up where Level 1 left off.  After completing Level 2 your child will be a confident "early reader!"

(Ages 4+ / 238 pages)

Penmanship-Web.jpgPenmanship: This is a set of 50 writing and penmanship printables. The printables will teach your children how to properly write letters, and numbers.  We have also included pre-writing sheets to help children form straight lines, curved lines, and connect lines segments.

(Ages 4+ / 53 pages)

God-and-Man-Web.jpgGod and Man: As a Christian parent, it is hard to know where to begin to teach our children about God and the Bible. This book eliminates the guesswork. God and Mankind begins with God's creation and works it way to Christ's resurrection and the birth of the Christian Church.  

(Ages 4+ / 27 pages)

Empires-Web.jpgEmpires: This book briefly describes the major civilizations and empires of world history, setting the stage for more in-depth studies later.

(Ages 4+ / 27 pages)

US-History-Web.jpgUS History: is a brief overview of early US History. This book introduces several prominent events, figures, and documents that shaped the United States of America. The events, Founding Fathers, and documents are placed in chronological order to help your children understand their sequence and the impact that they had on each other.  

(Ages 4+ / 26 pages)

Systems-Web.jpgSystems: This book introduces several major body systems, functions and the main parts of those systems. This is a great introduction to anatomy and the way the body works.

(Ages 4+ / 14 pages)

Virtues-Web.jpgVirtues: This book will give you a platform to introduce and build Christian virtues in your children. It talks about Love, Wisdom, Courage, Faith, Charity, Honesty, Work, Justice, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Mercy, Humility, Dedication, Joy, Compassion and Beauty.

(3+ / 31 pages)

Math-Values-Web.jpgValues: This book teaches children about the concepts of mathematical values: equal, not equal, greater than, less than, groups, odd numbers, even numbers and number place values.

(Ages 4+ / 42 pages)


Addition: Give your children a foundational understanding of addition. They will progress from “true value addition” into “true value + number symbol addition,” and finally completely transition to “number symbol addition.”  After your children complete this book, they will be able to add into double digit numbers.

(Ages 5+ / 39 pages / 51 Worksheets)

Subtraction-Web.jpgSubtraction: This book uses the same principles as Basic Addition. Your children will begin by subtracting values, then values and number symbols and finally, number symbols from number symbols. The transition is made so smoothly that you will be amazed how quickly your children learn subtraction.

(Ages 5+ / 39 pages/ 45 Worksheets)

Patterns-Web.jpgPatterns: This book will teach your children what a pattern is, what a pattern is not, how to recognize basic patterns and complex "concept patterns" and finally how to make predictions based on observed patterns.

(Ages 5+ / 66 pages)

Dates-and-Time-Web.jpgDates and Time: This is a systematic approach that has your children telling the time in their very first lesson. This book begins by introduces the clock elements. Then children learn to tell time from the hour hand, and finally, we add the minute hand.  

(Ages 4+ / 50 pages)

Memory-Web.jpgMemory: This book will teach your children how to quickly analyze a scene and then fix their observations into their memory.  They will practice remembering quantities, color, size, location, sequence and shape.

(Ages 5+ / 130 pages)

Terrian-Web.jpgTerrain: This book introduces young children to all the various terrain features, from mountains and valleys, to volcanoes and coral reefs.  Our descriptions are brief and easy for children to remember.  

(Ages 4+ / 62 pages)

States-Web.jpgStates: This is a great book to introduce the geographic locations of several of the most popular and historical states.  This book covers Washington DC and 18 States.

(Ages 3+ / 57 pages)

Places-Web.jpgPlaces: Buildings are everywhere, but few children know how to classify them. This book introduces the common types of building and places.  Once your children complete this book they will be able to name and describe buildings wherever you take them.

(Ages 3+ / 49 pages)

Kitchen-Web.jpgThis book is designed to introduce young children to the kitchen. This book is a vocabulary builder. 

(Ages 3-6 / 70 pages)

Drawing-2-Web.jpgDrawing 2: Drawing 2 builds on the drawing skills learned in Drawing 1. In this book, your children will transition from simple "shape art" to more advanced sketches, learning to add depth and backgrounds to their pictures.  

(Ages 4+ / 12 pages)

Signs-and-Signals-Web.jpgSign and Signal: This book introduces many of the common signs and symbols that are as much a part of our language as letters and words. For example, it is important to understand that a certain sign means men only, or stop, or even handicap. After finishing this short book, your children will be familiar with the most common everyday symbols.  

(Ages 4+ / 23 pages)


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