"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."        ~Walt Disney


Complete Phonics Reading Set

By the time your children finish the Complete Phonics Reading eBook Set they will be confident readers. Our digital book set covers all the letter sounds, combinations, words and punctuation that they will need to know for preschool and kindergarten. In fact, once complete, your children will have a huge head start on 1st grade. Penmanship is also included, along with eight narrated early readers and four beginner chapter books!  So, for 24.99 you will have everything you need to make your child a confident reader.


Home Education: Become an elite teacher.  This book will not only show you how to effectively use our Christian Preschool Curriculum, but will also explain the elements of an elite education and give you practical "Teaching Points" that will put you well on your way to becoming an exceptional teacher for your children.  

(Parents / 79 pages)


CAT AND RAT: Cat wants to get Rat. But, what happens when cat finally catches him? Will she eat him, or let him go? Read Cat and Rat to find out.

(Ages 2-7 / 18 pages)


BAD DOG: Dog is a bad dog. He gets into all sorts of trouble, until he messes with the wrong person. Will Dog be punished? Read Bad Dog to find out.

(Ages 2-7 / 18 pages)


PIG'S PEN: Pig lives happily in his pen. What does Pig do all day in his pen? Read Pig's Pen to find out.

(Ages 2-7 / 20 pages)

CRAB'S-BAND Early Reader

Crab's Band:  Crab has lots of other animals in his band and they all play music together. Who is in Crab's band? Read Crab's Band to find out.

(Ages 2+ / 19 pages)


Frog's Swim: Frog is bored of swimming in his pond. He wants adventure in the deep blue sea. But when Frog gets his wish, something happens to make him wish he had just stayed home. What changes Frog's mind about swimming in the ocean? Read Frog's Swim to find out. 

(Ages 4+ / 29 pages)


Frog's Trip: It was like any other day at the pond, until a big red balloon came floating by. Where will the balloon take Frog, and will he ever get back to his pond? Read Frog's Trip to find out.  

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


Hopping Mess: Ken needs to look before he hops. He is always crashing into things. What big mess does Ken make? Read Hopping Mess to find out!  

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


Pretty Bug: Everyone is after Butterfly. Some want to eat her for dinner and others want to chase her away so that they can eat her dinner. Just when she is about to lose hope, guess who shows up to help her? Read Pretty Bug to find out!

(Ages 4+ / 28 pages)


A Pet Pup: Pup is a great pet dog. But, whose pet is he, and where does he live? Read A Pet Pup to find out.

(Ages 4+ / 20 pages)

Dog Tags

DOG TAGS: Dog loves to play tag with all of his friends. However, not everyone loves to play tag with him. Who is too grumpy for tag? Read Dog Tags to find out!  

(Ages 4+/ 20 pages)

New Boots

Frog's Snack: Frog is tired of eating bugs. So, he heads to the farmer's garden. He tries many foods, but nothing really suits him. What is wrong with the farmer's food? Read Frog's Snack to find out! 

(Ages 4+ / 30 pages)

Kip's Hunt

KIP'S HUNT: Kip was not born a hunting dog; he is farm dog. But when something threatens the other farm animals, he is forced to go on the hunt. What beast endangers the farm and will he be able to scare it away? Read Kip's Hunt to find out! 

(Ages 4+ / 30 pages)


Phonics 1: This book will have your children reading their first word on their very first lesson. This is one of the simplest, yet wildly effective, reading programs.  

(Ages 2-7 / 138 pages)


Phonics 2:  This book picks up where Level 1 left off.  After completing Level 2 your child will be a confident "early reader!"

(Ages 2-7 / 238 pages)


Phonics 3: This is the final book in our Phonics series. When your children complete this book they will be proficient readers. Phonics 3 uses rhyming words to show the different vowel sound combinations and common silent letters. 

(Ages 6+/ 159 pages)


Alphabet Letters: This is a simple and easy way to teach your children to recognize the letters of the alphabet.  

(Ages 2+ / 58 pages)


Penmanship: This is a set of 50 writing and penmanship printables. The printables will teach your children how to properly write letters, and numbers. We have also included pre-writing sheets to help children form straight lines, curved lines, and connect lines segments.  (Ages 3+ / 53 pages)


Grammar 1: This book introduces grammar vocabulary, rules, and concepts. We do not expect children to master grammar at this point, but by introducing it early, they are more likely to notice it as they read. This will help them gain an understanding of grammar through reading, and drastically shorten the time they must spend memorizing rules later. 

(26 pages / 15 worksheets)

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