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Audrey_Map_Vivid_2.jpgThis page is specifically designed to provide "preschool parents," like you, with all the information that you need to give your children the head start that they deserve and to introduce Blue Manor's unique Preschool Learning System.   We answer common preschool questions, like: Why is preschool important?  When should parents start teaching preschool?  What curriculum should parents use to teach preschool?  

You will also get a chance to view our Preschool Learning eBooks in action and hear some reasons why it is so effective.  Swing by the our store for Preschool eBooks, Toys, Games and more!

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Free Preschool Learning Websites


There are thousands of free educational websites on the web.  "Websites that teach" has found and categorized many of the best ones for you and your kids.  We have websites for preschoolers and grade schoolers.  This is a great way to change up your homeschool routine from time to time and also to introduce computer skills to young children.  Websites that TEACH...

Why is Preschool Learning Important?

Preschool Learning Girl doing artSome parents view preschool as an unnecessary bonus – a trivial head start.  They could not be farther from the truth.  Not only is preschool important, it is possibly the most important of any other grade from elementary to college, for the simple reason that it is the child's first exposure to structured learning.  First impressions are deep and lasting.  Read more...

What to Know for Kindergarten?

girl and boy reading a bookAsking what preschoolers are required to know for kindergarten and asking what they should know for their age, are two entirely different things.  The truth is that the prerequisites set by most kindergartens across the country are relatively low compared with childrens' actual abilities.  That is why, our curriculum is careful to cover the "basics," but definitely surpasses the minimal requirements.  See more...

When Should I Start Preschool?

baby-under-blanket_preschool_learning.jpgThe short answer is – TODAY!  The only time I would recommend waiting is if your child has yet to be born.  Now I am not saying that you need to teach a new born to read, but there is a lesson for every age!  That said, I would begin what is commonly regarded as "preschool" somewhere between Read more..

Should I Teach Preschool at Home?

Boy-and-Dad-at-beach.jpgSurprisingly, many parents do not feel qualified to teach their own children preschool.  If you are one of them, I hope to relieve your apprehension.  In fact, I believe that home preschools are superior to anything that a center can provide and highly recommend that all parents teach their children preschool at home if at all possible.  Here are 3 reasons to enjoy preschool at home.  Read more ...

Preschool Learning Activities Blog

Preschool_learning_activities.jpgAt our preschool learning and parenting blog you will find fun educational activities to play with your preschooler and a whole lot more!  Use these games to teach math, reading, character development, and more!  Plus gain valueable parenting tips that will help you develop strong moral values in your children.  Please check out the True Aim Blog today!


Why Blue Manor Preschool?

There are many reasons to choose our Christian Preschool Curriculum over other options.  Listed below are some the top reasons parents like you, love Blue Manor Christian Preschool Curriculum!

1.  Easy to Teach – Easy to Learn!  You can start from scratch.  You don't need any teaching experience.  Simply read from the books and be amazed by how quickly your child learns.  Just 15 minutes a day, 3 to 4 days a week, will do the trick.

2.  No Preparation!  You get to spend your time teaching, not preparing lessons.  Your lessons are simple and straight from the books.  Our books are complete, meaning you won't need to purchase or prepare any additional material.  Your lessons require no preparation, so you can enjoy your free time instead of stressing over the next day's lesson.

3.  Most Affordable!  Many preschools / daycare centers charge $1,000 a month and similar preschool curriculum sets sell for around $300, but you can save your extra money for field-trips, because our complete preschool curriculum is just 40 bucks!  That is it.  For $39.99 we will give you 23 individual books and an additional Teaching Manual.  With these books in hand, you will have everything you need to ensure your children get the head start they deserve!  The reason that we choose to keep our price so affordable, is because we are convinced that once you experience this program we will have a customer for life.

4.  Books for Life!  Once you receive Blue Manor's preschool program, you will have a Christian preschool curriculum for life.  There will be no need to worry about riping covers, spilling on pages, or losing these books.  You will find them every day in the same spot, in perfect condition, because our books are ebooks!

5.  Amazing Results!  Of course, what you really want to hear is how Blue Manor's preschool curriculum will give your child a tremendous head start.  Well, it will!  In fact, that is the most compelling reason to get our preschool program for your son or daughter.  With this program your children will learn to read, recite the alphabet, count, recognize prominent historical figures, understand general concepts, identify basic anatomy, shapes, colors and money, lay a foundation for physical excellence, build a strong vocabulary of common occupations, terrain and weather, animals, electronics and transportation, learn to use their senses to discover their world, and more importantly develop healthy social skills by practicing social etiquette and building positive character traits.  Yes, truly the results are what make this Christian preschool curriculum so valuable!  Get started with your Preschool Learning today!

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