What is Wrong with Public School?

We have sifted through hundreds of videos explaining why public education does not work and compiled the best here!. 



Does School Kill Creativity

The Purpose of Education

Stupid in America!


Public Education is Indoctrination

Public Education is Indoctrination

Who Controls the Children?

School Choice?

School is not Education

School is not Education, Part 2

School is not Education, Part 3

Does Math Matter?

The Ultimate History Lesson 5

High Schoolers don't Know Anything

Underground History of Education

Secret History of Western Education

Race to Nowhere

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Beyond Columbine

Is College a Rip Off?

War on Kids

Failed Education Monopoly

Violence in School

Bullying Epidemic

Homosexuality in Public Education


The Ultimate History Lesson

The Ultimate History Lesson 2

The Ultimate History Lesson 3

The Ultimate History Lesson 4

The Ultimate History Lesson 5

Common Core Nationalizes Education!


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