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Life with Moore Babies Review"Let me say, I typically shy away from all electronic curriculum just because things go on my computer and have a tendency to be forgotten. I also like the feel of a book in my hand, call me old fashioned. This curriculum was a bit different though as it can be printed out or even better, viewed on the iPad. My kids love the iPad, so that was actually a big plus!

The books are not terribly long and the lifelike pictures seem to hold their attention well. The first day we looked at ours I think the girls went through 7 books before they wanted to move on!"

~ Ashley Moore
Life with Moore

farm fresh adventures review"If you have not been following my blog, let me pause to share that Baby Britches was diagnosed back in May with severe Expressive Language Delay and has been in speech therapy once a week. Thus, the fact that he was easily repeating the colors by name so quickly is HUGE. And even better, it has carried over in our therapy sessions as he now easily names colors he had no comprehension of prior to using this curriculum every week. His speech therapist is delighted!

One of the things that Blue Manor Academy claims is that their Preschool Curriculum is easy to teach and requires no preparation. And I agree 100%! I could simply pull up the e-books we were going to read and then go. No other materials are required."

~ Lisa M.
Farm Fresh

BlueManorReviewGiveawayFinal_zps27444c43.jpg"My Kids Love It - They love flipping through the electronic pages. The images and simple text capture their attention and provoke interesting questions and conversation. It is a welcome addition to our day!

I was initially unsure about the focus on mastery and repetition (would I survive it?), but seeing the positive results and enthusiasm in my kids made it exciting for me as well."

~ Tauna M.

1plus1equals1.jpg"I was a bit skeptical at first to be honest, but I loved the simplicity of the ebooks and the information presented.  I already knew Ladybug loved the iPad so I loaded the curriculum books into iBooks and began using them with her immediately."

~ Carisa

Wildflower Ramblings"This curriculum is all inclusive and no teaching experience is necessary — you can feel confident that your child is receiving a whole and edifying early literacy education while using their phonics curriculum.

When I taught kindergarten, I sent my students home with their weekly phonics books, and I guided them to set their books in a special place, like a basket beside their bed or on a small table. You can do the same with these ebooks and not worry that you’re giving them your “only copy.”  The little phonics books — CAT and RAT, BAD DOG, PIG’S PEN, Frog’s Trip, Hopping Mess, Pretty Bug – can be printed out as many times as you need! You can give them to your child to cherish and read on their own, to color, or to laminate for durability."

~ Amy

Diligent Heart

"I also loved the non-cluttered, and simple pages. This is my preschoolers first year of “formal learning”, and I am learning what works best for her and what doesn’t. I have tried themed flashcards, multi-color flashcards, and all I kept getting in response was: “Ariel!” – when I showed her the letter “A” (the flash-card had a picture of Ariel on it), or “Simba!” – when I showed her the letter “S” (the flash-card had Simba on it), or “Dog!”….well, you get the point.  With these, she isn’t distracted, and can focus only on the letters and sounds.

We were excited that the curriculum included Bible Stories. The pictures once again, the images are very realistic, not cartoonish. I love this!"

~ Marlene G.

Seeking-Kingdom-First.jpgOur favorite part was that it was just so easy and relaxed.  I give this an A+ just for that alone.  The pictures and one liners are so simple my 7 year could teach my preschooler effectively with it…lol.  I just love the simplicity of this curriculum, we get all cuddled up, relax and pick whatever we want to learn about that day.

Jordan absolutely loved it!  When it was time to be done with it for the day, she was, shall we say, not to pleased…lol.

~ Forest R.


Summer Elizabeth and I have been using Blue Manor Christian Preschool Curriculum ebooks for the past months to add an extra side dish of learning to our daily routine.

We try to set aside 10-15 minutes every afternoon for reading time, which often includes Blue Manor ebooks. Our favorite so far is the 5 Senses ebook. Summer loves the pictures of little boys and girls experiencing the world around them via sight, smell, etc.

The books are easy to follow, simple enough for even an 18 month-old to understand, and teach some basic concepts that might even make your child the most advanced in the classroom once you decide to send him off to school.

~ Jelli B.



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